Millennials want new urban housing, study says

Marketers have been telling us for years that "tech-savvy" millennials are somehow special, and thus require unique marketing. Now developers are getting into the Generation Y act, concluding that we need more than just an affordable roof over our preciously hip heads.


(Photo: Flickr/typicalgenius)

Here's what Echo Boomers really need in an apartment, according to a nationwide survey cited by Urbanland:

♦ Less square footage! According to a Los Angeles developer, the average two-bedroom apartment is 800 to 950 square feet, down from 1,000 to 1,200. You will also have more neighbors, as buildings will squeeze in more units per acre.

♦ Murphy beds! Because bedrooms are so 1990s, a Minneapolis developer has also done away with a room for sleeping, opting instead for a moveable wall divider.

♦ Stainless appliances, granite countertops, and composite flooring! The millennials "have high expectations for interior finishes and service."

♦ Two-tone paints! Though a millennial myself, I have no clue what that means.

♦ Amenities! Things like washers and dryers, clubhouses, courtyards and "active rooftops" that remind us of hanging out in a college dorm's common room.

♦ Dog wash stations and pet parks! Developers understand that millennials need their pets; otherwise, they'll have to admit the cat food in their messenger bag is really for them.

To recap: You'll get a shiny new oven you'll never use, smaller living space, a fabricated "urban experience," and will pay more than you should. For all our generation's snark, it looks like the joke is on us.