National Premium beer might return to Baltimore

A match made in ... a bar with slashed pleather bar stools. (Photo: National Premium Beer)

National Premium, a now-defunct beer once brewed in Baltimore alongside Natty Boh, might soon compete — with the likes of Pabst, Miller High Life, and other cheap, awful swill — for your chain-wallet's attention.


Natty Premo, if we may be so bold as to nickname it that, was brewed from 1872 until the early '80s, when the National Brewery shut down. The company's two most prominent beers, Natty Boh and Colt 45, are now owned by Miller and Pabst, respectively, and are brewed out of state. The Premo, meanwhile, hasn't existed since then.

Now, Tim Miller, a 43-year-old realtor from Easton, Md., has bought the trademark and is trying to revive the brand. "Natty Boh is brewed out of North Carolina. There's nothing local about it but its heritage," he told the Sun. "[Premium's] going to be a Maryland-owned beer again."

Miller isn't sure he ever tasted National Premium, and he's struggling to find the original recipe. Yeah, right, as if people are going to buy the beer for its taste.


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