Nats and Mets fans fight at Nationals Park

You know your team has made the big leagues when your fans are brawling. (Photo: YouTube/61topcat)

The Nationals won their weekend series against the Mets, but the real excitement (for some) was provided by the fans who brawled during Friday's game. At one point, a woman who seems to be trying to break up the fight instead gets floored by an elbow to the face. The lesson here is, don't ever stand between a drunk man and his need to punch stuff.


"So what's the bigger surprise ... that the Mets are only 6 1/2 games behind National League wild-card leader Atlanta or that there were enough fans in attendance in the nation's capital to actually have a brawl?" wrote the New York Daily News.

Oh, yeah, because people are just flocking to Citi Field. Right.

[via the Post, DCist, Deadspin]

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