Obama joins Foursquare, but don't expect check-ins

Obama don't need no stinking badges. (Flickr/nan palmero)

President Obama — the "social media commander-in-chief," as Politico calls him — has joined the millions of Americans who believe Foursquare will somehow prove useful someday. The White House account already has 14,220 followers as of Tuesday afternoon, but don't expect a check-in from Komi anytime soon: Obama will be leaving tips only.


“See the places the president and administration officials visit around the country and the world, follow news and events by location, learn about the White House and more,” says the White House blog. The two tips left thus far are nearly identical descriptions of campaign stops in Minnesota and Iowa:

Seed Savers Exchange Decorah, IA

For the second stop of President Obama’s economic tour, the bus pulled into Decorah for a town hall with 500 local residents to talk about how we can grow the economy and put people back to work.

Lower Hannah’s Bend Park Cannon Falls, MN

President Obama discussed ways to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class with a crowd of 500 people at Hannah’s Bend Park on the first stop of his economic bus tour across the Midwest.

Snooze. Maybe if the president became mayor of the 6th and I Homeless Park, earned "Crunked" and "I'm on a boat!" badges, and checked in at the Stadium Club — then, maybe, I'd get excited about this news.


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