Recession forces grown men and women to live with their parents

All under one roof again. (Flickr/rmlowe)

We knew this recession was rough — the murder-suicides, lost libidos, ruined marriages, and the hope that Sticky Fingers will somehow save us — but we never thought it would come to this. We, the grown men and women of Washington, have become so poor that we're moving back in with our parents.


The Post reports that, according to Census figures, one-fifth of the region’s 6 million residents were living with extended family members and friends last year, up 33 percent over the past decade. Virginia saw the biggest increase, at 45 percent, while Maryland was up 40 percent and D.C. 29 percent.

Time for the obligatory reference to the Great Depression!

'We haven’t seen anything like this since the Depression,' said Frances Goldscheider, a Brown University sociologist who has studied families and living arrangements. 'Overwhelmingly, it’s the recession’s effect on people’s ability to maintain a house. You have the foreclosures on one hand, and no jobs on the other. That’s a pretty double whammy.'

But it's not just the economy, stupid. Baby boomers have moved in with their elderly parents because, well, you know. Plus, the Hispanic and Asian populations have skyrocketed, and, not to fuel a stereotype or anything, but they're "more likely to live among several generations under one roof."

Blacks are more likely to have grandchildren living with them. Asians tend to have their parents in the house. Hispanics often share their homes with more distant relatives such as aunts and uncles or with people who are not relatives. Non-Hispanic whites have more adult children at home.

See, we're all guilty of it. Apparently the stress of living together is tearing some families apart — one homeless prevent center reports that more than half of its clients were evicted by a friend or family member — but for most of us, the repercussions are less dramatic: having to share a bathroom, fighting over the remote control, and, of course, never getting laid again.


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