Rex Grossman predicts Redskins will win NFC East, again

Despite winning their first preseason game, the Washington Redskins aren't going to win the NFC East. But backup quarterback Rex Grossman — bless his heart — won't admit that maybe he went too far in predicting that the 'Skins will take the division.

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In an interview with the Sporting News, Grossman doubled down on his earlier promise (which was roundly mocked):

I was just trying to get across that we have a lot of confidence. I didn’t realize that was such a big story. I was not standing on a soapbox, pounding my fist. But I own it. If you’re going to make a big deal about it, yeah, I’ll stick to it. We are going to win the East.

You can doubt me if you want to, but it has no bearing on how I’ll play. I sat there and watched Matt Schaub throw to wide open receivers, week in and week out. I think we can mimic what Kyle and Matt did in 2009. I fully expect us to play well. It’s not how good the other teams are in your division. It’s how good you are.

They're both factors, actually, and the Redskins have to play six games against the teams in their division. Last year, that didn't go too well. Still, Grossman deserves credit for believing in his team — something that's been in very short supply in recent years.


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