Stephen Strasburg rehab: A solid start for Hagerstown

After a disappointing last outing, Stephen Strasburg was pretty nonchalant about his performance, saying that he was glad he got shelled, and that now he knew what he needed to fix. Well, he fixed it.

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In his fourth start — this one for Hagerstown, in case you're keeping track — Strasburg pitched for three innings, striking out six, walking one, and giving up an earned run off two hits. In just over nine innings in his four starts, Strasburg has struck out twelve.

It didn't start well, though. As reports,

One of Strasburg's warmup pitches bounced past his catcher and to the backstop at Municipal Stadium, then his third pitch of the game hit leadoff hitter Jurickson Profar on the shin. Strasburg dealt with a small strike zone and non-strike calls on check swings as much as he had to overcome himself.

Whoever was pitching for the Hickory Crawdads, a Rangers affiliate, turned in a better performance. The Suns fell 3-1, with Strasburg getting the loss.

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