Stephen Strasburg's rehab start, his third, proves he's human

Womp womp. (Photo: Associated Press)

In his first two rehab starts, ticket-office savior Stephen Strasburg showed flashes of brilliance. In his third, he showed flashes of nothing at all.


In only 1 2/3 innings, Strasburg gave up five earned runs, walked two, and allowed four hits — including three doubles — for the Hagerstown Suns. Compare that to the 4 2/3 innings he pitched in his two prior starts, where he walked none. After the game, he said he was glad he he got shelled.

"Sometimes it’s good to have games like this, because you need to get knocked around a little bit to see what you’re doing wrong,” he said, adding that he now knows what he "needs to fix" for his next game.

Okay, fine, it's not the end of the world. Everyone has a bad start now and then. Besides, rehab starts are overrated, and no one cares about them anyway, right? That must be why the Post's report doesn't state the final score until the second-to-last paragraph.

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