Tax-free days coming to Virginia and Maryland

We can hardly contain our excitement over the tax holiday. Fortunately, these will! (Photo: Flickr/david_shankbone)

Virginia and Maryland are suspending sales taxes on certain goods, which means that, for a limited time only, you can save a few dollars on such essentials as adult diapers, arm warmers, corsets, bowling shoes, clerical vestments, choir and altar clothing, galoshes, martial arts attire, jock straps, and garter belts.


Maryland takes a holiday from its six percent sales tax from Aug. 14 – 20, while Virginia's runs from Aug. 5 – 7. Sure, you can get a discounted fur coat, but summer necessities like sunglasses, swimming fins, and life preservers are still taxable.

Maryland Taxable Exempt

Sales Tax Holiday for Clothing and School Supplies - Lists of Exempt Items(1)

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