The MLK Memorial is done, here's a photo

Martin Luther King Jr. waited patiently for the statue's completion. (Photo:

We all can't wait to see the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, but let's be honest: It's going to be a madhouse at the Tidal Basin next week. You could attend "DC Residents Day" on Tuesday and jostle with suburbanites from Maryland and Virginia, or you could wait until the official dedication on Aug. 28 — and compete with tens of thousands of camera-toting tourists. Hell, you'd be better off watching from the top of the Washington Monument.


I have a better idea: Wait two or three weeks! The weather's nicer in September anyway, and perhaps this will free up some time to show the mayor you really care about D.C. becoming the 51st state. The photo above — taken from a webcam on the memorial's website (h/t Post Now) — should hold you over in the meantime.

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