U.S. Postal Service closing offices in D.C. area (map)

In the '90s, we passed notes in class and sent postcards home from trips abroad. Now our sentimental thoughts are relegated to Facebook photos and text messages. The U.S. Postal Service finally admitted defeat recently with plans to close hundreds, if not thousands, of post offices. That makes some people sad, but it only made us want to create a Google map.


Parting is such sweet sorrow. (Photo: Flickr/Alexander Savin)

With the snail-mail era drawing to a close, some can't help but wax nostalgia about it. "Post offices aren't simply depots for purchasing stamps or shipping off packages at Christmas time. They are critical cultural institutions that reflect America's history and an important aspect of its daily life," writes the Examiner's Jonetta Rose Barras. "There should be a national campaign to preserve them."

Whoa there! Is this the same Barras who, as the Post's Mike DeBonis points out, is always railing against government spending? He even called her up, just to be sure. “I think post offices play a really important role in communities,” she told him. “We have to be really careful how we we streamline.” So there you have it: Nostalgia even trumps fiscal conservatism.

Nineteen D.C. post offices are on the chopping block, plus many more in Maryland and Virginia. Here's a map of those in our area.

View The dying post offices in a larger map

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