University of Maryland stays on 'Top Party Schools' list

Students of the University of Maryland, College Park are breathing a boozy sigh of relief today, as they can still boast of attending one of America's top party schools — despite having done nothing this past school year, like start riots, to earn that distinction.


College is one big party. Real life sucks. (Photo: Flickr/Yogma)

The Princeton Review ranked UMD 18th on its annual list, up from 19th in 2010, based on survey questions about alcohol and drug use, hours of study each day, and Greek life on campus. It's easy to figure out why the university made the list last year, but this year's ranking have some people confused. Perhaps it's because students have plenty of spare cash for beer? (Or maybe because of the school's proximity to this place?)

On College Prowler, Maryland earned a B+ for its nightlife. Commenter ciaoamorex33 wrote, "House parties and frat parties are much cheaper. Some students party and drink every night and the rest of us wonder how they are still passing their classes. At night the campus has colored buses that shuttle the students around the campus for free and these are wonderful after a night of dancing. A fair warning though: about 1 in 3 times you ride the bus, you see someone throw up. Welcome to college."

We wish we could say that binge drinking is exclusive to college life, but we all know what happens once these students graduate.

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