University of Northern Virginia chancellor David Lee's sex-slave dungeon

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The head of the University of Northern Virginia already has enough trouble to deal with, what with last week's federal raid and the withdrawal of the for-profit college's right to admit foreign students. Today things got much worse, as the news broke that Chancellor David Lee has a sex dungeon in the basement of his suburban home and has been trolling the Internet for women "with slave tendencies."

How kinky is this sadomasochist's lair, according to The Smoking Gun? In one photo — in which, like the others, NSFW regions have been obscured — he's seen holding a flame near a naked woman wearing a bondage mask. In others, the 64-year-old's girlfriend is strapped to an upright wooden rack and caught in a metal spiderweb. We'll let this one describe itself.

The photos come from the couple's profile (“polyfamilyinva2”) on, a BDSM site, where they wrote, "We enjoy almost all kinks, and are expert in most of them. But for us it is more the submission and commitment that matter.... We provide a safe, sane home with a good balance of love and discipline. We are very serious about finding a permanent addition to our poly family." At another point, they write, "Ideally you will consider yourself a slave or a sub with slave tendencies."

The feds must be having a hell of a time poking around Lee's computer.

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