Washington region among most-delayed flights in the country

This never happens at Newark Airport. (Photo: Flickr/Patcard)

Commuting in the Washington region means traffic and delays — even when you're just flying through our airspace, apparently.


Two D.C. flights made the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' list of the 100 most chronically delayed flights in the nation: American Airlines Flight 1719 from BWI to Dallas-Ft. Worth, ranked 12th, is late 43 percent of the time; JetBlue Flight 1257 from Boston to Dulles, ranked 17th, was late 42 percent of the time.

Having just two flights on the list is pretty good. After all, look at poor Newark; 40 of the 100 worst flights arrive or depart from that hellhole. And whose fault is that? Ours, of course! Newark complains that their airplanes are delayed by having to fly through D.C.'s congested airspace.

Is there nothing the country won't blame us for?

[via NBC Washington, WSJ]

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