D.C. drivers are the worst in the country, says Allstate

(Flickr/the toe stubber)

We know that D.C. has the stupidest drivers in the nation, so it comes as no surprise that we ranked dead last — 193 of 193 — on Allstate's "best drivers" list, with Baltimore right behind us. While this might seem like another frivolous list from a company looking for free publicity, it's actually based on data about the frequency of collisions for the average driver.


According to the report [pdf], D.C. drivers get into accidents every 4.8 years, on average — an astounding 107.3 percent above the national average of every 10 years. Arlington and Alexandria aren't much better, ranking 180th and 184th, respectively. Topping the list for the second year in a row was Fort Collins, Colo., but that makes sense since everyone there rides either bicycles or horses.

How can we improve? Allstate suggests things like "minimize distractions," "be aware of road conditions," "avoid road rage," and "buy Allstate insurance." (It's possible we made that last one up.) But we have a better idea, which comes from Allstate's methodology: "The report defines an auto crash as any collision resulting in a property damage claim." All we have to do is stop reporting accidents.