Marshall Faulk says Redskins will win the NFC East

We admit that we've had a lot of fun at the Washington Redskins' expense, especially after the bravado showed by players, fans and pundits. But now that the team is 2-0, the bandwagon is starting its engine. Someone save a seat for Marshall Faulk!


The former running back and current NFL Network analyst predicted yesterday that the Redskins will not only beat the Dallas Cowboys tonight, but will go on to win the division. It's not outside the realm of possibility. The New York Giants have been mediocre, and there's only so many yards a team can draw from a dive. The Philadelphia Eagles — destined to be Super Bowl champions before the season started — have a starting QB with an injured hand. And the Dallas Cowboys? Ha!

Before anyone starts buying plane tickets for Indianapolis, though, remember that there are still 14 games to go, and that pundits are wrong all the time.


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