Montgomery County bars will be visited by drunk actors this week


Perhaps the headline is misleading. See, these actors won't actually be drunk; they'll only appear drunk, to see if bartenders will serve them anyway, WAMU reports.

The county's Department of Liquor Control will be sending 40 actors into bars this week as a way to research how often customers who show signs of being drunk still get served alcohol.


The actors will show signs of heavy intoxication when they enter the establishments, and will order to see whether they can still get served. The county says the visits will provide first-hand experience on how bars deal with over-service in ways that do not involve enforcement actions for violations.

So, bartenders, if a visibly drunk person comes in and asks for a beer, but then begins rambling on about next week's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, it's best you kick him out of the bar. Come to think of it, you should always kick out anyone who's caught discussing theater in a bar.