Photographer: Redskins still serving crummy hot dogs

Remember the mini-flap last year after Washington City Paper ran a photo of the "limp" hot dogs a tipster told the paper were served in the Redskins' working press room at FedExField? Tony Wyllie, the team's spokesperson, jumped into the comments to say the item was not true (for the most part, the Redskins are very concerned that no one disseminate untruths about them).


Matt Terl, who was then the team's blogger, responded, calling the piece an "imaginary story" and said that, in fact, the team served "ingenious miniature chicken cordon bleu things" to press.

Yesterday, a photographer at the game snapped these photos of the spread in FedEx's photo work area. I asked this person, who regularly covers sports for a local outlet and thus prefers to remain unnamed, if this sort of spread were unusual. This lensperson has heard that food in the press box, to which this person has no access and where sportswriters work, is much better. The photographer also says that, for example, in Philadelphia, the spread is "AMAZING. Full spread, 3 courses: pre-game, half time and post game. And then dessert. All we get is nasty hot dogs and a bag of chips."

I feel like free food of any sort, even nasty hot dogs, is a bonus when you're working, but I'm also not usually trapped for hours in a stadium in the middle of nowhere where vendors command exorbitant prices for better grub. Also I just don't understand why the Redskins went to so much trouble to claim hot dogs like these don't exist! I decided not to call Wyllie since: a) he no-commented throughout our last convo; and b) this is a story about free hot dogs, but I'll gladly update if he or anyone else gets in touch on this important matter.

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