Renovated Hawk 'n' Dove will be 21+ only, and not a bistro, says owner

College underclassmen throughout D.C. are about to lose one of their favorite watering holes: the Hawk 'n' Dove, which has been purchased by restaurateur Xavier Cervera and closes next month for renovations, will no longer hold 18-and-over nights once it reopens next year.



"Nothing good happens when you have kids under 21 inside a bar, alongside adults who can drink," Cervera tells The Hill is Home. "This will be an adult venue.” He also said reports of the bar becoming a bistro were "incorrect," adding, "It’s a bar, and I’m very much a saloon guy."

Cervera, whose plans were approved by the ANC6B Planning and Zoning Committee last night, said he wants his designs to be "historically correct." "Right now, I find most of those buildings on the block very offensive," he said.

Wait until Spike Mendelsohn hears about this!