ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, a Chipotle spin-off, opening in D.C. any day now

How long was your wait the last time you went to Chipotle? Now quadruple it; that's probably how long the line will be when Chipotle's new spin-off restaurant, ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, opens in Dupont Circle. The storefront is covered in newspaper right now, and the company is trying to minimize hype, but new details are leaking out.

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(Photo: TBD Staff)

The restaurant will open "within days," Forbes reports.

The food will feature a mix of meats and fresh vegetables served in a bowl with spicy sauces and aromatic herbs. The flavors will be a blend of Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian. The style will be 'fast casual': Customers move along a cafeteria-style line, with servers behind the counter customizing each meal. You can sit down and eat — there's room for roughly 40 — or take out your meal.

In other words, it'll be just like Chipotle, but with Asian food. Considering this town's (inexplicable) addiction to that chain, and its (inexplicable) love of queueing for new restaurants, you'd best wait a month or two before venturing into ShopHouse.

UPDATE: Eater has uncovered some photos Chipotle probably didn't want you to see.


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