Stephan Pittman, Vince Young impersonator, claims innocence

Stephan Pittman, the weepy, registered sex offender who was arrested for allegedly posing as NFL quarterback Vince Young to sleep with and swindle women, is claiming he's innocent. Of defrauding people, that is. He's mum about the sex.


"From a criminal point of view, I have done nothing wrong," Pittman told WUSA, in a phone call the day before he was arrested. "I have not accepted anything on anyone's behalf."

In very-much-related news, another victim has come forward. Amy Willis tells the news station that she met "Vince Young" at a Woodbridge, VA. club. After claiming the Redskins were about to sign him, he allegedly convinced her to give him $25,000 to help buy the spa where she worked, which he would let her run. "This Pittman has ruined my life," she says.

But "this Pittman" says everyone else is ruining his life: "Exactly what Mr. Young is trying to stop somebody from doing to him is exactly what you all are doing to me."

You know who he almost sounds like? Vince Young.

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