Stephen Strasburg's rehab start could clinch division title for Harrisburg Senators


To win the division, Harrisburg needed a win or a Richmond — not a Portland — loss.

In Stephen Strasburg's final start before his return to the Nationals, he'll have a chance to do something that the major-league club hasn't done since the team moved here in 2005: clinch a division title. OK, it's not likely that Strasburg — who has a collegiate no-hitter and a 23-strikeout game and two starts in the 2008 Olympics under his belt — will be popping the bubbly over this one, but still, at least someone in the Nats organization gets to celebrate something.


The Harrisburg Senators clinched a playoff berth last night, and can win the division outright with a win tonight or a Richmond loss. If Strasburg stays focused — and doesn't let his thoughts drift to Tuesday night — he could put the Senators in a position to win the division title. And if that happens, we should at least crack a beer in celebration, because no matter what Ted Leonsis says, it could be quite a few years before the Nats do the same.


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