Largo High School starts anti-bullying campaign

In celebration of Family Engagement and Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, Largo High School launched the anti-bullying program, "Becoming a Victor, Not a Victim."


Students all wearing orange in honor of Unity Day, pledged to support others who have experienced bullying, treat others with respect, increase awareness of bullying incidents and report any suspicious behavior.

“It's not a good thing, it doesn't make you feel great, when someone tears you apart for something that you probably can't even help… people don't realize what it does to somebody,” said 11th grader Xavia Hawkins, who says she was teased and bullied in middle school.

The bullying got so bad for Jasmine Green, she decided transfer to escape the situation.

“I actually had to transfer to another school because I was bullied and my mom had to get a restraining order on one of the children,” Green said.

Students shared their personal stories and their commitment to treating everyone with kindness Wednedsay

October is national bullying prevention month, so Largo HS kicked off its own program, addressing the issue through lessons in the classroom.

“We want the students to brainstorm and discuss strategies and ways to stop bullying and also the effects of bullying, the effects of bullying from the bully's perspective from the victim's perspective, from the victim's parents perspective,” said Largo high principal Angelique Simpson Marcus.

To Simpson Marcus this isn't a new topic but technology is taking bullying to a different level.

“It’s become more pronounced over the years, especially with different types of social media,” she said.

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