Maryland poll shows gay marriage, immigrant tuition remain divisive issues

(Photo: Associated Press)

Are you sitting down? Excellent. This news may come as a shock to you: Marylanders are divided over two of this country's most divisive social issues — gay marriage and immigration.

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In a poll of regular voters by Gonzales Research & Marketing Strategies, 49 percent of respondents said they oppose a law allowing same-sex marriage, while 48 percent support the measure. The Dream Act is opposed by 51 percent, while 47 percent support allowing immigrant residents to pay in-state tuition.

The poll suggests that Maryland is not that different from everywhere else. A majority of blacks are against gay marriage, the Post reports — only 41 percent of them support gay marriage, while 59 percent disapprove — but that's in keeping with the national trend.

We also know exactly where Governor Martin O'Malley, who enjoys a solid 52 percent approval rating, stands on the matter of gay marriage. He just released the following video:

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