BWI airline scales: ACCURATE

Photo: Peter NRW/flickr.

As you lug your overweight bag into BWI this week, know that even if you’re going to get hammered by fees, you aren’t going to get screwed.


The Maryland Office of Weights and Measures reports a strong performance from luggage scales: 100 of international and 91 percent of domestic scales at BWI are accurate. Six percent were found in actual violation, and each of these errant scales favored the consumer.

The Weights and Measures people don’t mess around. In 2011, the office’s 16 inspectors slapped grocery stores, gas stations, and other scale-using entities with $83,500 in civil penalties. Should you feel that Delta erroneously charged you $90 for that 51-pound bag, you can request another scale or file a complaint with the office.


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