Red Cross sends holiday cards to servicemembers

For men and women serving in the armed forces, the holidays away from family and loved ones can be difficult. The Red Cross is helping make the season a little brighter, kicking off its "holiday mail for heroes" program.


Greeting cards will be delivered to troops, veterans and military families over the holidays. Hollis Gentry spent her lunch hour writing a stack of cards Thursday.

“I have lots of veterans in my family, many generations and I just happened to be out on my lunch break and thought I’d add to the stack of cards being signed,” she said.

“It means a lot just to get a card from somebody. It makes them realize that people are thinking about them back at home so I think this is fantastic,” said Sal Morello of New York.

Of the 2 million service members, tens of thousands will find themselves away from home over the holidays.

“I think when the troops get these they know the American people are signaling that they support you, we haven’t forgotten you and we’re proud of what you’re doing for us,” said Suzy Defrancis of the American Red Cross.

“Not all Americans are always touched by people who serve -- they may see it on the news -- but they may not personally know someone and I think this is their chance to say thank you for those who are serving them,” said Kevin Connolly.

Since the program started four years ago, some three and a half million cards have been mailed. For many senders it's a small way to show their appreciation.

“We just came from Arlington Cemetery so get a sense of the importance of what they’re doing, so its nice to come here and see that people are acknowledging that people are over there at great sacrifice to themselves,” said Kelly Adam of New York.

For the first time this year, cards can also be sent online at

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