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I misspelled Amanda Hess' surname, on second reference. This is too ironic.

Mark Plotkin was fired over his wicked temper. Allegedly. The Post's Erik Wemple broke the news Thursday that the political analyst had been fired from WTOP, effective immediately, and later updated the post to report that "Plotkin’s behavior in the workplace is at the root of his separation from the station." More precisely, he had a reputation for blowing his top. He'd done so recently with D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown, as Fishbowl noted, and during his nearly decade-long tenure at WTOP "he engaged in at least a dozen shouting matches with colleagues, precipitating his enrollment in anger-management classes at one point...," according to the Post's Paul Farhi. (Plotkin was also a bit of a technophobe, as NewsChannel 8's Bruce DePuyt reported.) The most telling details, though, emerged at the conclusion of Wemple's post, where three of Plotkin's colleagues in the press — NBC4's Tom Sherwood, WTOP's Mark Segraves, and Harry Jaffe of the Examiner and Washingtonian — all reveal that they're not on speaking terms with Plotkin. So it's hard to believe Jim Farley, WTOP's vice president of news and programming, when he tells Washingtonian, "Mark and I are still friends."



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You can tell they are from out of town comparing themselves to the most hated company in the region #pepco @WTOP
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"Online piracy hasn’t gone away"

That was the actual headline of a story by the Post's Melissa Bell about "hundreds of plagiarized books" being sold illegally on Nevermind that the headline stated the obvious; it also provided no indication of what's being pirated, and that the piracy is occurring not only through the usual channels — torrents and file-hosting sites — but legitimate vendors, too.

I'm writing in the past tense because I tweeted about the headline and the Post changed it to "Laws alone won't put a lid on piracy." This is probably the only time in my life that anything I write will have a demonstrable, albeit miniscule, impact on the paper.

rkearney Ryan Kearney
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@rkearney It's, um, well, technically true, right... Eek! Thank you for spotting it!
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I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. "Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky."
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Hey @myfoxdc, don't park in the crosswalk when you're covering local news:
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I mean just fuck all of that shit.
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