Media Monday: WaPo's 'The List' is still in, apparently

Zak and Hesse: larger than life. (Photo: TBD Staff)


Barnes & Noble is not the last remaining nationwide bookstore chain with a location in D.C. There is at least one other: Books-a-Million in Dupont Circle. Also, Zak said, "We love being validated" (not "We love being vindicated") and he says he doesn't actually buy the magazines at Barnes & Noble (for shame!).

Dave McKenna and Washington City Paper: an amicable separation, or a bitter divorce? After the Post's Erik Wemple tweeted the news that the Cheap Seats columnist and alt-weekly were parting ways, City Paper managing editor Mike Madden told me, "It was going to be difficult to continue to just do his column,” adding, "We’re all doing a lot more than people used to. Everyone's got to be blogging and tweeting and writing more.” That suggested to me that McKenna wasn't interested in "blogging and tweeting and writing more," but Madden later emailed me that, after writing for City Paper for 26 years, McKenna simply felt "it was just time for a change, which I think has much more to do with his decision than the way the work here has changed." And editor-in-chief Michael Shaffer wrote, "I still want to get Dave's voice in the paper as a contributor ... as often as he wants." Whether that actually happens will be telling. McKenna, in his final column, wrote that he and the paper "have gotten everything out of each other we’re going to get."


FishbowlDC can't stop writing about Michelle Fields. We're all guilty of unusual obsessions (hi, Dan Zak!), but this one has gotten out of hand. Since Peter Ogburn's Dec. 14 post criticizing the Daily Caller reporter for, well, having breasts, the site has published no less than six posts about her. First, there was Ogburn's bizarrely defensive response to criticism about his original post; Betsy Rothstein's hate letter to John Nolte, the editor-in-chief of Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, with whom she had a tweetspat over the Fields post; a "Stalker Alert!" about a Fields fan; another Ogburn post about Fields, this time focusing on her youthfulness; Piranhamous' argument that Fields is an activist, not a journalist; and a second stalker alert. Maybe it's time we started a stalker alert about Fishbowl?


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