Media Monday: Tired and depressed Super Bowl edition

On Friday, TBD bid farewell to arts editor Andrew Beaujon — and his daily email, ArtsBook, over which a bidding war has broken out between DC Arts Beat and Daily Campello Art News* — in the only way local journalists know how: by quaffing beer at the Tune Inn. And last night, I watched the most hated team in America, which also happens to be a team I love, play against one of the most hated teams locally. In between, I wasn't doing too much, you know, thinking, so the following cursory analysis of local coverage of the Super Bowl will have to do. I'm sure you're devastated.


*No, not really. 


super bowl dc


The punny headline is serviceable, but, oh dear, what's that? Yes, we have a typo in the subhead. The quarterback's name is Eli Manning, so unless I missed his brother Peyton joining him on the field during that late TD drive, there shouldn't be an S before the apostrophe. (I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention that, in its typographically erroneous state, the S following the apostrophe is in direct violation of the AP Stylebook's rule on possessives involving singular proper names ending in S.) 


super bowl dc


This headline...

Sorry about that. I fell asleep at my desk. Not only is the headline boring, the active verb doesn't even match the action in the photo, which was taken just moments after the photo on the Examiner's cover. It would have made sense for the Post to use the photo in the Examiner, and vice versa. The first shows a "grab," the second an "edge."


super bowl dc


"The Super Bowl ended after Express' deadline. For full coverage, visit" For the record, the Super Bowl ended at 9:53 p.m.


super bowl dc


Give the Washington Times credit for knowing that no one reads the paper for its sports section.


super bowl dc


I'm not sure why the Sun would devote so much space to a Super Bowl in which the Ravens weren't playing, unless they're just so damn happy that the team that beat them in the AFC championship has lost. But it's a better photo than those above, with a clean, succinct headline to boot.


super bowl dc


This is how it's done, folks.

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