Food Friday: Define 'bar food'

When I hear "bar food," I think of greasy alternatives to actual meals, dishes that go best with cheap, watery beer, for better or for worse.


It's a tough call disqualifying restaurants and bars in the "bar food" category, though: Does a meal become ineligible when the restaurant in an establishment becomes bigger than the bar, or when the fare becomes too upscale or gourmet? Sure, the Red Derby offers Boursin on its grilled cheese, but I wholeheartedly include its offerings in my bar food assessment.

This week, We Love DC rounded up its picks for best bar food in the area, and I disagree with nearly all of their choices. Sure, you can eat Churchkey's goat cheese cavatelli or Room 11's duck confit at the bar, but the type and quality of food means it can't be called "bar food." 

The list does, appropriately, include Dodge City, the limited menu of which includes sausages by 13th Street Meats, and American Ice Company, which serves smoked meats on disposable plates for your enjoyment. But Bar Pilar and the Dickson Wine Bar? That's restaurant food we're talking about!

The real best bar food in the area? Try any of the gut-busting dishes at the Looking Glass Lounge, Tune Inn, Duffy's, Trusty's, or Big Hunt. Your side option should be fries, and if the place is advanced, a sweet potato or tot variety might be available.

There, I just drew the line.

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