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D.C. and Maryland election results: LGBT representation, women's rights, "child slaughter" decided

September 15, 2010 - 10:01 AM
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Dana Beyer loses her bid for Maryland General Assembly (Photo: Associated Press)

Yesterday, TBD laid out all of the LGBT and women's rights issues at stake in the D.C. and Maryland primary elections. Let's see how the candidates fared, from anti-abortion Tea Party gubernatorial hopeful Brian Murphy, to the National Organization for Marriage's man in the D.C. Council race, to transgender woman and Maryland General Assembly hopeful Dana Beyer. OK, they all lost! Find out which other candidates reigned supreme, after the jump.

INSIDEOSAURUS V. FANCY  In the Maryland Senate race, Barbara Mikulski will, in fact, be facing Republican challenger Eric Wargotz, the dude behind the heavily costumed "insideosaurus" campaign video.

TEA PARTY'S OVER: Tea Party-y anti-abortion candidate Brian Murphy fell to former Md. governor Bob Erlich in the Republican gubernatorial primary last night.

NOM'S CANDIDATES ALL LOSE: And bad. Council candidate Delano Hunter, endorsed by the National Organization for Marriage, lost to incumbent Harry Thomas Jr. in the Ward 5 race. Delano secured 20 percent of the vote to Thomas' 62. At-large council member Phil Mendelson, a champion of marriage equality, was re-elected. And in the Mayoral election, NOM's favorite anti-gay-marriage candidate, Leo Alexander, secured a pathetic .62 percent of the vote in the mayoral contest. That's gotta sting.

DUCHY HANGS IN THE BALANCE: Montgomery County council member and LGBT advocate Duchy Trachtenberg may or may not hang on to the fourth and final at-large seat. Bested by three newcomers, incumbents Trachtenberg and George L. Leventhal are now waiting on absentee and provisional ballots to decide their fate. At last count, Leventhal had 14.40 percent of the vote; Trachtenberg had 12.86 percent.

DANA BEYER, bidding for a seat in the Maryland General Assembly, has lost the race. She tells the Washington Blade that transphobia did not contribute to the loss:

“The media didn’t bring it up other than the gay media,” she said. “It was never raised in my interviews with the Post or the Gazette. With all the other media, people didn’t seem to think it was relevant. And no voter has ever, back in 2006 or this year, ever brought up the issue. And one could say, ‘Oh well they’re just being very polite,’ but it’s hard to believe that the 15,000 doors I knocked on were all just very polite people. Or that they were truly homophobic but they were just being nice to me. I don’t believe that. I think they really didn’t care.”

PFOX VICTORIOUS: The "ex-gay" advocacy group has waged campaigns against both Trachtenberg and Beyer, based on their support of transgender rights in the state.

LGBT TALLY: Of the Blade's nine out LGBT candidates running for General Assembly in Maryland, seven were victorious: Incumbents Richard Madaleno, Anne Kaiser, Heather Mizeur, and Maggie McIntosh won, along with newcomers Mary Washington, Luke Clippinger, and Bonnie Cullison. Dana Beyer (in Madaleno's district) and Tim Quinn lost. EXTRA: Gay candidate Byron MacFarlane has won the Democratic primary for the Howard County register of wills position.

 CHILD SLAUGHTER: Republican Missy Reilly Smith has secured the primary spot to challenge D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton come November. Smith told me she's running on a platform on "the issue of child slaughtering—killing, murdering, child murdering." Incumbent Norton, who supports a woman's right to choose, snagged the Democratic nomination. Or in Smith's words, the blessing of "the party of death."


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