Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

She-Ra, space women, and other superheroes: your transgender sex and gender morning roundup

September 30, 2010 - 09:00 AM
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TRANS SUPERHEROES: Out magazine talks with Melendy Britt, voice of She-Ra, on the character's appeal to queer viewers, from She-Ra's closet "secret identity" to her gender-neutral approach to confrontation. Britt calls She-Ra "transgender" (emphasis hers).

Then, Zack Rosen interviews the woman who could become the first trans person in space! (In like ten years).

And for the Good Men Project, a trans man talks gender bias: "When I was viewed as female, people thought I was bitchy and standoffish because I communicated too stoically. Now, even though my conversation skills haven’t really changed, women note how chatty I am for a guy and say that I’m such a good listener."

CRIME: The Newseum has secured the suit O.J. Simpson wore on the day he was acquitted of killing his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. The Washington Post will no longer accept advertisements for "massage" parlors. "We have seen law enforcement identify a number of such businesses as being engaged in illegal activities," an internal memo read. "We have also been directed to postings on adult websites from customers of these businesses that refer to illegal activities taking place at these establishments."

WOMEN: The National Organization for Women has delivered 1,500 baby bottle tops to Fiscal Commission Co-Chair Alan Simpson, who called Social Security "a milk cow with 320 million tits." NOW is calling this its "Tits for an Ass" campaign. Moe Tkacik thinks Dana Millbank thinks Valerie Jarrett is a bitch. And local dudes appear in a new documentary on gender equity:

ISO: AIDS Walk Washington seeks 5,000 additional participants before the Oct. 2 fundraising event benefitting D.C.'s Whitman-Walker Clinic. Operation Rescue seeks women who have had complications with the abortion pill for future anti-abortion propaganda. And Gregg Easterbrook seeks equal pay for NFL cheerleaders.


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