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'Girl, what are you suckling at': Your sex and gender morning roundup

October 7, 2010 - 09:00 AM
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Metro rider unfairly accused of 'suckling' Dasani water bottle

CRIME NOTES: A sexual assault was reported on Pennsylvania ave. near Washington Circle and the GW campus on Tuesday morning; the victim says she left "a bar with an unknown subject," and "the suspect forcibly sexually assaulted her."

So why did students hear about this in the Examiner, instead of a a campus alert? The GW Hatchet reports: "University spokeswoman Michelle Sherrard said the incident was not reported to the GW Police Department and referred to MPD for information." GW finally sent out an alert about the incident at 8 p.m. yesterday evening. Included were four "safety tips": "Please be aware or your surroundings, and call in suspicious individuals and suspicious behavior immediately to The George Washington University Police Department; "Avoid walking alone at night"; "Use 4-Ride or the Colonial Express Shuttle"; "Emergency blue light phones are also available for use throughout campus."

BLUE LIGHT PHONES won't stop sexual assaults, but addressing sexual assailants on campus might:

According to a report in the GW Hatchet, 55 sexual assaults have been reported to GW police since 2002 (including rapes, forcible fondling, forcible sodomy, and sexual assault with an object). Students actually charged in these assaults? 12. Students expelled? Three.

MORE IN LOCAL CRIME: District man attacked in famous New York gay bar. Sexual assaults happen on and around college campuses at a rate 83 percent higher than the general population. Georgetown offers sexual assault self-defense classes to the campus community.

 IN LIGHTER NEWS: Holla Back DC points to local Lucé Tomlin-Brenner's Metro harassment comedy routine. What is Tomlin-Brenner suckling at?


DECIDED: Grown men shall not hug when our "friends and enemies" could be watching.

IN GAY: ARL Now announces, "Square dancing isn’t just for straight people dressed in goofy outfits anymore. It’s also for gay people dressed in goofy outfits." Headline of the day: "Larry Flint Says He Knows Which Senator Is Gay." Paula Cole: Back. She tells Out why! And the Human Rights Campaign has released its 2011 Corporate Equality Index. Search your employer now.

MISC.: Welcome to October, the month that women are obligated to be pink and sexy, for cancer! Canadian court strikes down criminalization of prostitution laws. Va. Governor Bob McDonnell has announced "he will create a Domestic Violence Prevention and Response Advisory Board" for the state. And TBD Editor Erik Wemple wants to see more male "mamacitas de la semana" grace the back page en El Comercio.



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  1. jabuticaba jabuticaba

    H G

    Oct 08, 2010 - 11:45:57 AM

    I genuinely hope that Chris Love gets this upset about stand-up comedy with sexist jokes in it (which, in my opinion, are found in nearly every routine by a stand-up comic). Somehow, I feel like he probably doesn't. Also, I'm confused by Chris' statement. Am I to take it to mean that "out of town white girls" shouldn't make jokes about their experiences on ethnically diverse public transportation systems? Should they not accurately re-tell their experience? Should they not use humor to deal with what certainly was an upsetting experience? Also, I'm unaware of any reference Tomlin-Brenner made to the race or ethnicity of the harasser. Any assumptions, Chris, were definitely made on your end.

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    • Tainted Tainted

      Chris Love

      Oct 08, 2010 - 03:24:28 PM

      Typical racist deflection… How bout you deal with the content/style of the video at hand instead of conjecturing about what I do with my spare time! The blatant issue with Lucé Tomlin-Brenner is her clamor to be chatted up in a “respectable” (white way) e.g. “wanna get brunch” instead of using that silly, offensive (black) English. But you are too entitled to even pick up on that basic.

      As for her being upset… she hints that the word suckling was too sexual… but then proceeds to mention lactation fantasies while fondling her boob … on stage… in front of a crowd of strangers. So really the origin of this white girl’s discomfort (race not overt sexuality) is something best handled in therapy, not on a comedy stage behind the back and on the back of some young African-American on the subway.

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    • jabuticaba jabuticaba

      H G

      Oct 08, 2010 - 11:47:43 AM

      Excuse me, I misspoke. I meant to say, "in nearly every routine by a male stand-up comic."

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