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FEC complaint lodged against Missy Smith yard signs

October 26, 2010 - 02:30 PM
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A Smith yard sign on Massachusetts Ave.

Complaints against D.C. congressional candidate Missy Smith's campaign ads mostly tend toward the "for the love of God stop broadcasting pictures of aborted fetuses on television" variety.

But yesterday, D.C. resident Elizabeth Kingsley filed a complaint with the FEC over some of Smith's more banal campaign materials. The claim: While Smith's fetus television ads include the legally-mandated disclaimer describing who paid for and authorized the message ("Paid for by Missy Reilly Smith for Congress"), Smith's published campaign ads contain no such notice.

In the complaint, Kingsly cites FEC regulations governing "Internet websites of political committees" and "general public political advertising" and concludes that "Ms. Smith's web site, her lawn signs, and her flyers should all include an appropriate disclaimer." Furthermore, Kingsly continues, "Ms. Smith has sufficient familiarity with the disclaimer requirements to include proper language in her broadcast ads, which can be viewed on her website, but apparently she has chosen to disregard that legal obligation with regard to the rest of her campaign materials." Kingsley also claims that Smith failed to register with the FEC within 15 days of announcing her candidacy for Congress.

While the disclaimer rule doesn't apply to materials like "bumper stickers, pins, buttons, pens and similar small items upon which the disclaimer cannot be conveniently printed," the FEC specifically lists "yard signs" as a form of public political advertising requiring the note. In the complaint, Kingsley included two materials lacking a disclaimer: a campaign flyer declaring Smith the "1st SERIOUS Candidate to OPPOSE PRO-ABORTION BIG GOVERNMENT Liberal Opponent in 20 Years!" and a surprisingly fetus-free yard sign photographed on Massachusetts Ave. identifying Smith as a candidate for Congress "Representing the Working Class."

Smith couldn't immediately be reached for comment.



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  1. PerspectiveSeeker PerspectiveSeeker

    Jessica M

    Nov 02, 2010 - 06:29:02 PM

    Hello anyone who reads this comment. My mother was in the living-room watching tv when one of her Abortion adds came on tv. She made a noise of displeasure and called me out quickly. I immediately gasped and felt tears sting my eyes. Not of the terrible deeds done in the add she was announcing, but in anger of how wrong and sick her add was. I had been going to Fredericksburg, VA for a doctors appointment 2 or 3 years back and people were protesting abortion the same way she was on T.V. However, the pictures like this commercial were grotesque, wrong and completely out of proportion. I'm sorry, but I'm 16 and I know what an Abortion is because I've been told about it and I've read up on it. Babies are not torn from their parent's womb like they were shown, they aren't even completely in the fetus/egg stage when it's done. No, before you jump to assumptions. I am NOT for abortions, however if someone is raped, or there is a very reasonable and logical excuse for wanting one then so be it. However, if you got drunk and decided to have unprotected sex because you're ignorant then yes, have the child. You could give it up for adoption, simple as that. Missy's campaign commercials on abortion are wrong, let's try to have some sense of righteousness and reason please. Also, some common sense would be great. This is my opinion, thank you.

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  2. sgstewart sgstewart

    Sabine Stewart

    Nov 01, 2010 - 05:36:06 PM

    Missy Smith's ad is in poor taste and shows me she has no social morals. Placing such an ad on daytime tv is deplorable. These photos no more belong on daytime public TV as Missy Smith belongs in Congress.

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  3. Miguel Cuya Miguel Cuya

    Miguel Cuya

    Oct 27, 2010 - 11:44:32 PM

    Whether you are a republican, democrat, or progressive, you must admit that this is a terrible mistake made by a person who has no chance of winning an election in Washington, DC. Please join the facebook account and spread the word to oppose Missy Smith's tv ads.

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