Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Gay etiquette for tipping hot girls: Your sex and gender morning roundup

October 18, 2010 - 09:00 AM
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Beer sellers ought to be compensated for getting you drunk, not turning you on (Photo: Associated Press)

Let's get to it: A GAY MAN asks Miss Manners if he is required to tip an underpaid female sex object employed at his local drive-through liquor store, though he does not personally find her sexually attractive.

"[R]easonable tipping is dependent not only on the price paid, but on such variables as the custom of the region, the degree of luxury of the establishment and the frequency with which the same service is used," Miss Manners replies. AND SO: At an establishment described as a "beer barn" employing women in bikinis, should a gay man pay a woman out of the reasonable expectation that were he not gay, she would have enhanced the arousal of his experience?  "And now you go and add the element of how much erotic appeal the server has to the customer," Miss Manners concludes. "Miss Manners doesn't doubt that consideration of this might apply to some, but perhaps not to the etiquette-conscious."

DECIDED: It is not necessary for any person to tip the beer girl, whether she arouses or not.

WHY is prostate cancer awareness so much less sexy than breast cancer awareness?

CHANDRA LEVY's parents prepare for trial.

FOX NEWS picks up the Harvy Middle School sexual education story. IN OTHER HORRIFYING NEWS ABOUT YOUR TEEN: Hide the nutmeg.

BOB EHRLICH, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Maryland, leans on the ladies for his latest campaign ad:

IN WEED: NBC Washington finds a District doctor who opposes the use of medicinal marijuana among HIV/AIDS patients.

NAKED FIREFIGHTER suspended from D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services for cooking eggs in a District firehouse, nude, has not in fact been suspended after all.

BOB SUMMERSGILL implores D.C. to create a new class of non-clergy wedding officiants.

MISC: Do not tell the government you are gay yet. Jezebel investigates the phenomenon of having sexual intercourse while feminist. Think before you photograph a tattoo. Lately on Holla Back DC!: Public crotch itching.


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