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How dumb is the graphic Missy Smith fetus ad?

October 20, 2010 - 04:30 PM
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"I have no hidden agenda," District congressional candidate Missy Smith told me last month, after detailing her strategy for winning her race against Eleanor Holmes Norton based solely on her "anti-baby-killing" platform.

So, that wasn't true. "I am running for Congress in Washington D.C. with the express purpose of running political ads on TV of graphic pictures of healthy and dead babies," Smith clarified last week. Smith has raised funds to run campaign ads teeming with graphic fetus photographs on several local television networks, which are legally required to give airtime to the political stunt.

National Abortion Federation president and CEO Vicki Saporta was gracious enough to speak with me today about how dumb this is.

"Graphic images often backfire," Saporta told me.  "We’ve seen it happen time and time again across the country. Even people who are not pro-choice do not support the use of those images." Candidates who force people to look at graphic images of aborted fetuses "do not get support for their viewpoint," Saporta said. "Instead, they get people very angry."

Smith is challenging Eleanor Holmes Norton under the Republican banner, though the D.C. GOP does not even endorse her. "These ads are not going to get support for this woman," Saporta reiterated. "I don’t think they were aimed at getting support. I don’t think she has a chance."

Who does support fetus ads? Smith has compiled a handy list of endorsements:

Congressman Trent Franks, Arizonia (R)
Day Gardner, President National Black Pro Life Union
Rev. Walter Hoye, California Human Rights Amendment
Congresswoman Margaret M. Heckler, Ambassador To Ireland And Head Of HHS
Dr. Alan Keyes, Ambassador To U.N.
Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe vs. Wade
Jack Ames, Pro-Life Leader
Day Gardner, Head Of Black Pro Life Union

Smith also claims the support of Pastor Luke J. Robinson of Frederick, Md.'s Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church. Robinson writes: "it is definitely a time to stop the wholesale slaughter of African American babies and all babies from the horrible procedure called abortion. . . .  These babies need a voice in Congress and I believe that Missy Smith will be that unwavering voice on their behalf." The ads are were set to appear yesterday and today on local networks; for the curious, Smith has a schedule here.



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  1. SpeakingUp SpeakingUp

    Trista Ordway

    Oct 22, 2010 - 04:39:39 PM

    Imagine my surprise as I am watching tv and this horrific ad shows up on my television! In what world is this ok to air on television? Children watch tv after school and it clearly is not appropriate. I dont know what Ms Smith lets her children watch ( If she has children, Im not sure) but, If this is an example, I dont think she is a suitable candidate for any public office. Also, there are women out there that may have had an abortion or may have lost a baby to a miscarriage, Do they deserve to have their heartache prolonged or trivialized for a heartless STUNT like this? I sincerly hope Ms Smith does not get elected to office and if she goes back into the real estate market that her clients show their disapproval to her tasteless tactics!!

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  2. dunteacher dunteacher

    Paige belt

    Oct 21, 2010 - 09:03:25 PM

    How can a women claim to be so concerned about abortion and not be concerned with living children. There are children across this area without the benefit of their parents being home. How dare you! Shame on you!

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  3. trullyaffended trullyaffended

    d r

    Oct 21, 2010 - 07:38:11 PM

    sitting here watching my recording of Oprah and to my disgust this add comes on showing horrible images of premature babies. if you were so concern about saving these babies, then tell me why you would place images of them all over the airwaves??? My niece was watch tv with me and she was soooo upset about the images that were all over the tv. Yes i know they posted a warning (but i stepped out of the room before this ad came on) to return to these images. So shame on you for trying to use these images to gain support for you political career. You are heartless and disgusting, and do more damage for you cause. I hope you never get elected, because your judgement is so flawed you should never hold a political position ever!! In fact you should just crawl back into whatever hole you came out of.

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