Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Queer foster youth, Real Housewives of Idaho, and the mom-in-chief: Your sex and gender morning roundup

October 19, 2010 - 09:00 AM
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Michelle annoints herself 'mom-in-chief' (Photo: Associated Press)

For Mother Jones, Jason Cherkis profiles Kenneth Jones, a 15-year-old kid in D.C.'s foster care system. Jones, like many other kids in the system, has struggled to find a foster family who will accept him because he is gay:

James wasn't blind to his foster son's sexuality. The young man was decidedly out—preaching tolerance at school assemblies, appearing on teen panels, and advocating gay pride in rainbow pamphlets. He even showed up to court hearings wearing lipstick. Privately, though, James dismissed all of it as a phase. And Kenneth, to avoid rocking the boat, had downplayed his sexuality at home—until now.

When James—a retired demolition worker with missing front teeth and a heavyweight's body—saw Kenneth with his date, he grew livid. "What are you doing bringing a boy into my house?" he screamed, according to Kenneth. He ordered them out, but the boy stood his ground. James got up in his face. "I'll kick your asses," he threatened. Taking him at his word, the couple fled, with James chasing them down the stairs and out the door. The boyfriend called 911.

IN REAL AMERICA: Pam Tebow is endorsing Colorado's "personhood amendment." Tebow made a person who plays professional football, making her a veritable expert on personhood. REAL HOUSEWIVES OF IDAHO: Libertarian dude fawns over Idahoan "housewives" who react unfeelingly to the death of steers, shop at Costco, and do not hang out at Starbucks. They're "you"! Housewives of Idaho also manage to work outside the home seven days a week while still earning the traditional feminine signifier "housewife." 


VOMIT: "MOM-IN-CHIEF" Michelle Obama plays Sarah Palin: "Last week, Michelle Obama unveiled a stump speech that could have been given by Jackie Onassis or Edith Roosevelt or Betty Draper at a civic meeting saying things we happen to know are not quite true. Speaking as 'mom-in-chief,' Obama said her children are her 'first priority' and 'the center of my world.' 'That's really why I'm here today,' she continued, explaining why she was doing a week of campaign events. 'You see, more than anything else, I come at this as a mom.'"

FOGGY BOTTOM residents are complaining about a lack of leads in a stranger rape that occurred behind the Spanish Embassy earlier this month. They are probably not helping, though. According to the GW Hatchet, ANC Commissioner Asher Corson told constituents that "the part that's really disturbing to me is that this was like a serial attack," though there's no evidence that the attack was, in fact, part of a series of crimes. And a local resident was upset that "he lives right near the Spanish Embassy where the attack occurred," but "no one from MPD had questioned him as a potential witness as part of the investigation." An officer promised to pass the resident's name on to the case's investigator, but seeing as the neighbor gave no indication that he had any actual information about the case, that doesn't seem too promising, either.

MISC: Prince George's police immediately apprehend a suspect after "two juvenile victims" reported to police "that they were pulled into an apartment and sexually assaulted." In light of LGBTQ youth suicides, more statistics on the epidemic. In defense of Betty Draper. And the D.C. National Organization for Women holds a sweatpants happy hour to celebrate "Love Your Body" day. The idea is to "Wear sweatpants, pajama pants, no make up, let your hair down . . .  whatever makes you comfortable" as you "enjoy drink specials and good company while we celebrate our bodies." And if the whole idea of publicly celebrating your body makes you uncomfortable? That's what the drink specials are for!



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  1. jterry jterry

    Jason Terry

    Oct 19, 2010 - 10:07:36 AM

    The Cherkis article is fine, until the last paragraph of so, when he goes down the wholly inappropriate way to talk about trans people road.

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  2. TJ TJ

    TJ T

    Oct 19, 2010 - 10:04:00 AM

    Ok... let me get this straight. Women are wearing pajama pants and sweats to celebrate their bodies? Outside of sweatpants being extremely comfortable (if I could go to work in them, I would), how in the world are they celebrating their bodies? They just need to call this the "Come In Whatever Makes You Comfortable" Happy Hour. It would be different if they covered all the windows, locked the doors once all the women got there, and said for everyone to come in socks and underwear. THAT'S celebrating our bodies!

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