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Randall Terry is Missy Smith's campaign manager

October 25, 2010 - 02:00 PM
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Missy Smith allies with Randall Terry to give D.C. fetuses (Photo via Smith)

Randall Terry—he of the chain yourself to the sink of an abortion clinic, declare bankruptcy to avoid making legal payments to the National Organization for Women, run for Congress under the "Right to Life Party," hire a Bill Clinton impersonator to discredit your opponents, compare the University of Notre Dame to Judas, list your "three black foster children" on your resume, disown one for converting to Islam, disown another for becoming pregnant, disown the third for being gay, respond to George Tiller's murder by calling Tiller a murderer style of politics—is now officially campaign manager for D.C. congressional candidate Missy Smith.

More on this anti-abortion alliance:

Missy Smith—she of the declare Eleanor Holmes Norton a "baby-killer," mount your congressional campaign on graphic fetus commercials, insist you have no "hidden agenda" style of politics—announced Terry's involvement in her campaign in a press release on Christian Newswire last week. With Terry in tow, Smith is now producing soundbites like this one:

"We are also please - and saddened - by those leaders in the pro-life movement who have supported me, or refused to help thus far. With friends like these, the babies have fewer friends than I thought."

Smith and Terry are also bravely pulling back the veil on their campaign strategy:

On some shows, such as "Everybody Hates Chris," the ads are running multiple times, with the hope and prayer of saving babies from abortion, as well as getting votes from the African American community, which has been decimated by the "black genocide" of abortion. 

Also revealed in this stage of Smith's campaign: Smith claims to have raised $30,000 to air the ads thus far; wishy-washy anti-abortion candidates are known as "squishes"; Scott Brown is a "squish." [h/t @dgeong].


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  1. kza kza

    kay cee

    Oct 26, 2010 - 08:49:24 AM

    We can always use more fetuses. I applaud the effort of these people.

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