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Virginia candidate Krystal Ball photo 'scandal': Finally, a sexy Santa only reporters care about

October 6, 2010 - 03:00 PM
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Ryan Nobles is on your side, unless you have ever celebrated Halloween

Leaked photographs of Virginia Democratic congressional candidate Krystal Ball, 28, have inspired a wave of indulgent pearl-clutching in the state today. The photos, originally leaked by conservative bloggers, show Ball in a modified Santa outfit at a post-college Halloween house party. At issue: Ball wore a spaghetti-strap tank top and held a sex toy, once.

In response to media attention over the photos, Ball has taken the tactic that the Women's Campaign Forum says is proven to maintain voter support in the face of sexist attacks: She's calling them sexist. "Of course it's embarrassing, but more than that, I'm pretty angry about it," Ball told Richmond NBC reporter Ryan Nobles. "I think this is incredibly sexist. I think it's outrageous. I think it's exactly the sort of thing that voters are extremely frustrated with."

Local media outlets have taken a less impressive approach to the "scandal."

News reports like this one spill approximately zero ink on the decision of these blogs to published the photos, but take their sweet time in dissecting Ball's decision to wear some outfit. To recap: Ball is wearing a skirt, a tank top, and a Santa hat; this qualifies her, for some reason, as "scantily clad."

And NBC's Nobles does "scantily clad" one better: He all but asserts that the photos make Ball unfit for Congress. "The photos are not what you'd expect from a woman hoping to be elected to Congress, and Krystal Ball knows it," Nobles breathlessly reports. "She's dressed in a suggestive costume, leading a man she says is her ex-husband around the party on a leash. Her ex-husband has a sex toy strapped to his nose." He ends the piece: "Despite the odds, she still thinks she can win."

We know that when female candidates call out sexist attacks against them, "scandals" like this just don't hurt them in the polls. In fact, identifying sexism on the campaign trail can help female candidates. Even Ball's opponent, Republican Rep. Rob Wittman, appears to be aware of this; his campaign condemned the photos. Nobody cares about this. The only people pretending this is a real issue? The media sources covering a sleepy race who will take even a woman's years-old, one-time choice of tank top and proximity to sex toy as a story.



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    Tab R

    Nov 15, 2010 - 11:18:34 AM

    She lost by a lot so I don't think the photos were the reason she ended up losing. You've got to wonder though how this is even an issue in 2010. Porn has pretty much gone mainstream. Who cares about 'racy' photos.

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  2. ronmelancon ronmelancon

    Ron Melancon

    Oct 07, 2010 - 11:32:29 AM

    Great Site…please know that Congressman Whittman is not without issues as well. The point can see be preaching "Morals" and the Democratic philosophy if she is not doing the same. If she get's elected this person is going after us for Salt on our Foods....Sugar in our Soda....and the ending of the McDonald Happy Meal Toy's.... The party looked wild....who was the Designated Driver? Go to and see what I have been trying to do. Delegate Whittman was lobbied by Carry On trailers to destroy House Bill 429 after Delegate Pollard tried to do the same. See the Story and the evidence….he has never returned my call… Please know that Henrico County did a Safety Audit on 50 Utility Trailers and way more than 50% had safety Violations!!!! And Congressman Whittman does not care!! see This from South Carolinia… and here is the evidence… I have been self funded and I am going down due to the powerful Interest groups…that do not want Safety Standards on these Utility Trailers. Note that Virginia Farm Bureau fought House Bill 145 General Assembly 2010 over $8.00 dollars…. In closing…we have a crazy Democratic challenger…and a Republican that does not care about public safety in regards to “trailer Safety”

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  3. bossmanalex bossmanalex

    Alex B

    Oct 06, 2010 - 05:02:11 PM

    This is my home district, and I know that she didn't stand a chance at taking down Rep. Wittman anyway, not so much because of her views but because she hasn't run a good campaign and Rep. Wittman is perceived by most people down there in an already conservative district, to actually be a halfway decent guy in a Congress full of idiots. So putting this out there is just petty at this point. Besides that, most of us have done some pretty silly things when we were younger, and pray to God that photographic evidence never turns up even if we never run for office.

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