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Johnny Depp is always gay: Your sex and gender morning roundup

December 1, 2010 - 09:00 AM
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Suck it, Disney (Photo: Associated Press)

JOHNNY DEPP IS ALWAYS GAY: The GLAA Forum spots this Vanity Fair gem:

Depp talked about it in an interview with rocker Patti Smith for the January edition of Vanity Fair magazine. Depp said Disney "couldn't stand" his Sparrow and one person there even asked if Sparrow was gay. Depp told the Disney executive "all my characters are gay," and he said that "really made her nervous."

BELOW: Have gays also rammed their homosexual agenda through to the "practicing homosexuals" of the TSA? Will Lorton, Va., finally commemorate 33 brutally beaten suffragettes? And why is Stephen King's new rapist-breeding villain the butchest lesbian in literary history?

PERHAPS TSA pat-downs are simply evidence of expanded government acceptance of the "homosexual agenda," Loudoun County Board of Supervisors rep Eugene Delgaudi suggests: "It's the federal employee's version of the Gay Bill of Special Rights . . . That means the next TSA official that gives you an 'enhanced pat down' could be a practicing homosexual secretly getting pleasure from your submission," Delgaudio wrote in an e-mail. Practicing homosexuals: The best kind!

A SUFFRAGETTE MEMORIAL is being proposed to commemorate 33 women's voting rights activists who were brutally beaten in a Lorton, Va. prison in 1917. As NBC's PJ Orvetti notes, the suffragettes would join such illustrious D.C.-area memorial subjects as Sonny Bono, lobsters, and James Buchanan.

WELCOME to ">World AIDS Day.

TONY PERKINS doesn't understand child molesters.

STEPHEN KING'S horrible new lesbian villain: "Why make [Ramona Norville] a lesbian? King mines horror out of every-day objects and situations (A hotel, a clown, a prom) and it seems that he’s running out of quotidian ephemera to make us shiver . . . King has to make Norville a character who is capable of raising two rapist monsters for sons and it seems that making her extremely gender-non-comformist is the way to do it."

THE WASHINGTON POST's vomit-inducing consideration of cuteness: "They are born pink, furless and no bigger than a stick of butter. But by about 4 months, they are melting hearts."


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