Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Beware gays in the barracks: Your sex and gender morning roundup

December 22, 2010 - 09:00 AM
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REP. LOUIE GOHMERT goes long on gays in the military: "I know when I was in the army at Ft. Benning, and the young man there in the barracks could not control his overt feelings of homosexuality, and so he misread indications from another person in the barracks and found out that he had misread when he crawled into his bunk with him late one night and his advances were not met with the kind of affection that he had hoped. That's not good for the good order and discipline, when we have people who cannot control their hormones, whether it's heterosexual, homosexual, whatever, they're an impediment to the military." I WONDER what kind of work Red. Gohmert has done to combat the epidemic levels of sexual assault in the U.S. military.

VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP. Plus! Michael Moore talks rape; Twitter helps women; when "no means no" isn't enough:

RACHEL MADDOW interviews Michael Moore about the rape allegations against Wikileaks leader Julian Assange: "When i was 19 years old, I helped start the first rape crisis center in Flint, Michigan," said Moore, who put up $20,000 to bail Assange out of jail—and has so far declined to face criticism that he belittled the allegations against the leaker. "Every woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted or raped has to be must be taken seriously, and those charges have to be investigated to the fullest extent possible, and for too long too many women have been abused in our society because they weren't listened to, and they just got shoved aside, or whatever . . . older people in here remember the way it used to be, it's not that much better now, it got a little better because the women's movement made that happen, these two alleged victims have to be treated very seriously, and Mr. Assange has to answer the questions."

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SPEAKING OF #mooreandme: now Twitter helps female activists.

THE LIMITS of "no means no," courtesy of Naomi Wolf.

THE RECESSION'S role in reducing the teen birth rate, from Tracy Clark-Flory: "It''s a surprising idea, that teenagers are keeping it in their pants because a baby isn't a prudent choice in the current economic environment. Foresight isn't what we expect from those creatures of impulse—and, indeed, when is a baby a practical economic choice for a teen? It also struck me that the teen birth rate isn't the same as the teen pregnancy rate, if you catch my drift (my drift being ... abortion)."

ON THE OFFICIAL PLOT for reality television program "Bridalplasty": "Is there anything about that sentence that fails to induce dry heaves?"


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