Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Let it burn: Your sex and gender morning roundup

December 20, 2010 - 09:00 AM
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SINCE TBD wasn't granted tickets to Usher's sold-out appearance at the Verizon Center on Friday, let us live the night vicariously through David Malitz of the Washington Post: "He glided across the stage gracefully for nearly two hours of choreographed dance routines. He elicited constant shrieks and squeals from fans who packed every seat in the arena. The set list played out like a retrospective of Top 40 radio's greatest moments of the past decade, one ubiquitous cut ("Yeah!") after another ("Burn"). . . . he employed eight backup dancers, almost as many costume changes and video backdrops, and made his grand entrance by floating above the audience on a platform dangling from the rafters. He didn't always sing —sometimes he didn't even bother pretending. But he was definitely dancing and had the sweat to prove it. During one of his moments suspended in midair, the fans beneath him were recipients of a minor downpour of perspiration."

AFTER THE JUMP: Shirtless guys against AIDS; Pope calls for soul-searching over sex abuse; ding dong, DADT's dead:

GAY NIGHTLIFE rag addresses AIDS, with help of shirtless guy.

BANNING KIDS from Hooters.

THE POPE calls for "reflection" over sexual abuse in the Catholic Church: "Benedict has previously acknowledged that the scandal was the result of sin within the church and that the church as a result must repent for it and make amends with victims. But Monday's comments suggested that there might be some intrinsic problem with the way Christianity and its message was understood in the modern world that allowed for the abuse to fester unchecked."

PROOF GOD exists, via the Washington Times.

WHAT IS GOING ON with John McCain? The senator erupts over Don't Ask, Don't Tell, via Dana Milbank: "McCain's statement on the floor was roughly one part argument, four parts tantrum. "So here we are about six weeks after an election that repudiated the agenda of the other side," he said, and those who would repeal don't-ask-don't-tell "are acting in direct repudiation of the message of the American people." (Actually, polls show support for repeal.) "

TWO GAY MEN return to D.C. politics.



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