Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Vince Gray breaks a promise: Your sex and gender morning roundup

December 21, 2010 - 09:00 AM
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Hearts were made to be broken (Photo: TBD Staff)

VINCE GRAY breaks a promise to gays. In a statement during the mayoral campaign, Mayor-elect Vince Gray said: "I understand the history and concerns of the LGBT community in regard to its relationship with MPD and Fire/EMS and will include their input in my appointment of the leadership for these agencies." According to LGBT activist Bob Summersgill, Gray "did not invite anyone from the LGBT community in the search process" before appointing Kenneth B. Ellerbe as fire chief and reinstating Cathy Lanier as chief of police for his upcoming term. "Chief Lanier essentially disbanded the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit (GLLU) at a time when anti-LGBT hate crimes are on the rise," Summersgill adss. "That was a time when the community started to trust the police. Lanier squandered that good will."

AFTER THE JUMP; DADT will be signed; clothes to make guys not want to have sex with you; hotties on Judge Judy:

MEDIA MATTERS starts a gay-rights-specific pub.

PRESIDENT OBAMA will sign the DADT repeal tomorrow.

"SARTORIAL CONTRACEPTIVES" include: "a blouse with erect shoulder pads from Zara; a floral, curtainlike blazer by Zimmermann; high-waisted lime green trousers by Opening Ceremony; drop-crotch utility pants; an ostrich-feather miniskirt; a cape." From the NYT"Since April, Ms. [Leandra] Medine, 21, has been publishing photos of herself wearing these pieces on her blog, the Man Repeller, as well as shots of similarly challenging recent runway looks: fashions that, though promoted by designers and adored by women, most likely confuse—or worse, repulse—the average straight man. These include turbans, harem pants, jewelry that looks like a torture instrument, jumpsuits, ponchos, furry garments resembling large unidentified animals, boyfriend jeans, clogs and formal sweatpants."

THE POLITICS of talking dirty.

ESPN on Lisa Howe, coach of the Belmont Univ. women's soccer team who left the university under mysterious circumstances after coming out as a lesbian this year:

HOT GUYS on Judge Judy.

SARAH PALIN talks feminism again.


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