Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Feisty moms, twirling bananas, and John Boehner's tears: Your sex and gender morning roundup

January 21, 2011 - 09:00 AM
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The Speaker, in happier times (Photo: Associated Press)

LADIES LOVE John Boehner's waterworks, the Daily Caller reports: "Ohio voters view Boehner’s crying episodes as a sign of strength over weakness by 36–27 percent, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll. For women, his tears poll favorably 44–20 percent." I wonder how a female politician's tears would be interpreted by Ohio women?

AFTER THE JUMP: "urban moms" spar; gay gentrification redux; why do men's magazines love the women they love:

INSIDE D.C.'s listserv for urban moms, which, like all other local listservs, is filled with horrors: "Income is a major source of fascination on DCUM. And income-related mockery is like a match to gasoline. 'You DC bitches are priceless,' said one poster from Northern Virginia. Not that this poster was—God forbid—poor. She wrote that she had a household income of $600,000 and a $1.7 million home. She was happy that said home was far from DCUM’s bailiwick: 'Glad not to be around that anymore. Not good for the kids.'"

ANOTHER TAKE on gentrification and gay businesses, following the arrival of gay bar So Addictive in Fairfax, Va.

Without research on the economic impact of gay businesses, the issue of what So Addictive’s transition to a gay bar means really comes down to what gay people mean, to residents of Herndon and to the wider community. Are we upper-middle class hipsters who can stimulate the local economy but simultaneously displace and alienate older residents? Or are we social undesirables who will lower everyone’s quality of life with our deviant, beer-swilling, rainbow-flag-waving ways? The answer is that there is not just kind of one gay person, or one kind of gay bar, or one kind of gay anything. What will happen in Herndon? No one can be sure, but the future is bright, and it promises karaoke.

FREEDOM TO MARRY sets up shop in the District.

THE GOOD MEN PROJECT on men, on women:

For some time, Esquire—tag line: “Man at His Best”—has featured a section called “Women We Love.” I went online to see some of the women “men at their best” are in love with.

The eight all-time (stretching back to 2002) most loved women are Kate Beckinsale, Megan Fox, Katy Perry, Christina Hendricks, Anna Torv, Angelina Jolie, Beau Garrett, and Monica Bellucci. In the thumbnail preview shots, two of the women appear to be putting at least one finger in their mouths, one is lying in bed seductively, one is wearing a wet T-shirt, and one has her lips parted suggestively. Only Angelina’s image suggests some kind of self-respect.

I click on bustier-clad Katy Perry and skip down to the interview, trying to ignore Ms. Perry in full black lingerie, complete with garter belt. After all, this is about man at his best; there must be something serious here that we all love so much. Ah, here it is: “I always wanted to suspend from the ceiling in a twirling banana,” Katy tells Esquire.

A HEAVILY MEDICATED Carol Joynt and I agree. Last week, the Georgetown journalist posted this complaint on her blog: "Why Doesn't Anybody Call Out HuffPo on Sex?" Wrote Joynt: "Hey, nothing against doing the wild thing and often but why is it okay for Huffington Post to present itself as the platform for serious, such as the thoughts of its owner, Arianna Huffington, when its real game seems to be titillation? Okay, maybe I'm the only one who has this point of view, but where are the eyes s'posed to go? Stories about a 9/11 flag at the grave of poor little Arizona shooter victim Christina Green or the booty shots at 'Coco Dons See-Through Body Stocking.' Help me here."

CAROL: I'm with you! After deleting the post, Joynt wrote: "anything I write here for the next 72 hours should be taken with the understanding I'm looped on meds."


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  1. squirrelygirl squirrelygirl

    squirrely girl

    Jan 21, 2011 - 11:37:45 PM

    As a woman from Ohio I find his tears to be of the crocodile nature :/

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