Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Gay man accused of hate crime: Your sex and gender morning roundup

January 26, 2011 - 09:00 AM
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What do you call it when a gay man uses an anti-gay expletive during an alleged assault? (Photo: Associated Press)

Kevin “Jaden” Perry, who is gay, was briefly accused of committing a hate crime after becoming involved in an incident with a man on the street who allegedly called Perry a "faggot" outside 17th street gay bar JR's. The hate crime designation was later dropped; Perry is now facing assault, weapon possession, and threats charges. “I never assaulted the guy,” Perry told the Blade. “I called him out for calling me a faggot . . . I was on 17th Street on a gay street and I just wasn’t going to take that.”

From the Washington Blade: "A police report filed in court, based on accounts by the panhandler and an unidentified witness, quotes Perry as calling the panhandler a 'faggot' at the time Perry allegedly assaulted him. 'I will kill you. You’re a faggot,' the report quotes Perry as saying. 'I’m a real faggot, bitch. You don’t want to fuck with a real faggot, bitch. I will fucking kill you.'" Perry denies making the threat, swinging at the man with a chain, and punching him in the back.

AFTER THE JUMP: Foot fetishes; drag queens; imagining "if Taye Diggs was Jamaican in every third movie":

BEHIND the Republican push for a ban on gay marriage in D.C.

AN INTERVIEW WITH SHI-QUITA-LEE, via Borderstan. Insights into the queen of D.C.'s drag scene: "Hell I don’t work out"; "I said to myself you can make this much money by putting on pumps and a dress for less than three minutes. Hell, yeah, I can do this"; "Chip is the person who named me Shi-Queeta-Lee and a female friend of mine, Rose, showed me how to spell it."

DECONSTRUCTING HALLE BERRY: "A major reason for [Berry's failure as an actress] is Berry’s distracting, mercurial blaccent, which seem to wax and wane over the course of a given movie, and which she relies on to signal to the audience that her character is not really a stunning actress but just, plain simple folk. Crackhead? Troubled mulatto child in the antebellum South? What’s the difference, really?" Related: "i don’t think the accent is the only reason her performances don’t work, but it doesn’t help. Imagine if Taye Diggs was Jamaican in every third movie."

INSIGHTS into the fetish world, via ABC News: "Rex Ryan's Apparent Foot Fetish Not Necessarily Unhealthy." "Foot partialism, or a foot fetish, is actually the most common form of fetish," said Ian Kerner, a sex therapist and the founder of the website 'It's only defined as a problem when the person or couple define it as a problem. . . . this seems to be a healthy part of [Jets coach Rex Ryan's] sexual relationship . . . They're both consensual, they both seem to enjoy it and it doesn't seem to be causing any distress."

UNTIL NOW! "To be honest, and I get it, I know you need to ask and all that stuff, but it's a personal matter and I'm really not going to discuss it, OK?" Ryan told the press.

AN UPDATE on the GLLU phone number situation, from Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes: "thank you for sending us your valid concerns. Your concerns were related to the Chief and she has ensured that we will EXTEND the use of the pager for a few months while transitioning to the Blackberry, therefore we can maintain contact with the community . . . we average about 5 to 10 pages a week from the citizen base on LGBT affairs, for most of our GLU unit members and affliates are contacted directly either by cellphone, sgt’s notification or referral from another citizen/MPD member out in the field."


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