Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Highly respectful anti-gay person launches book tour in D.C.

March 23, 2011 - 09:30 AM
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Today at noon, Dr. Michael Brown will hit the National Press Club to promote his 700-page history of the LGBT movement, "A Queer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been." Brown is hawking the book as "so controversial that no major publisher was willing to touch it"—for Brown's take-down of "pro-gay" forces is so well-researched and mild-mannered that it threatens to dismantle the gay lobby once and for all!

"Those looking for a right-wing diatribe based on unreliable, second-hand sources will have to look elsewhere, as will those looking for an angry, mean-spirited screed," Brown writes in the preface to the book. "In fact, in the pages that follow, the reason there is no anger or hatred in my words is because there is no anger or hatred in my heart . . . It is the purpose of this book to see how we got to this point in history, to examine some of the main lines of pro-gay thought, to consider the impact of gay activism on our society, and to ask the question: Where is the current trajectory taking us?"

How could anyone refuse to bankroll a 700-page exploration of that totally innocent question? "Brown discovered, however, that even to ask that question was to ask for trouble," he continues in his press materials promoting the book. Brown claims that pundits have told him that "no media is willing to promote a book that opposes homosexuality" and publishers have said they would “be better off burning the money in my fireplace."

Brown eventually self-published the tome, but he's not done with the publishing industry yet: In response to these attacks from anti-anti-pro-gay publishers, Brown is now launching “The Campaign for Religious Tolerance and Intellectual Diversity” tour, which claims to "address the extreme prejudice of those who claim to be advocates of tolerance and diversity."

“I find it ironic that people have refused to work with me because they were, in their words, ‘inclusive,’ while other groups have boycotted conservative religious speakers because they were ‘pro-diversity,'” Brown says. "I want to put the information on the table and have a mutually respectful discussion with those who disagree with me . . . How can it hurt if we talk? Whatever happened to gracious public discourse and dialogue? Is the only side to the story today the gay activist side?”

Not according to the reviews of Brown's book filed on Amazon:

"Transgenders and cross dressers freely and unashamedly walk the streets, and it is common for gays to proudly call themselves 'queer', so I don't understand the offense the first reviewer took."

"I hope that as a result of this book, the young boy pictured on page 562 of the hardcover edition (aka leather-and-whip-boy) that was exploited at such a young age to further the purposes of the mass-culture-fog-of-confusion that is gay activism, will end up as an adult in a world that is significantly different than the one we are currently heading toward of confusion and chaos on the essentials of human identity, and instead can raise his (ooh! yes I said his, thereby making a gender distinction! and, gasp, I am assuming that he will remain a he when he's an adult) children in an environment that embraces gender distinctions and promotes healthy monogamous male-female marriage."

"I live in San Francisco and have many friends who are gay and even some who are ex-gay or celibate. But most of my non-gay friends have an extremely difficult time talking about homosexuality because they are unable to draw a distinction between somebody who cares about them although disagreeing with their behavior from somebody who thinks they should be completely annihilated from the face of the earth because of their behavior. Actually, most of my secular friends also have trouble with that distinction. Is being homophobic a REQUIREMENT to take a stand against Homosexuality?"

"May we not sleep through the current storm of degeneration that is numbing our culture through sexual promiscuity and tolerance."



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  1. Real Name Real Name

    Real Name

    Mar 23, 2011 - 11:49:34 AM

    "Is being homophobic a REQUIREMENT to take a stand against Homosexuality?" Really? Someone wrote that?

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    • Able2BnonEmotional Able2BnonEmotional

      Able 2BnonEmotional

      Mar 25, 2011 - 01:08:14 PM

      World English Dictionary homophobia (?h??m???f??b??) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide] — n intense hatred or fear of homosexuals or homosexuality [C20: from homo ( sexual ) + -phobia ] 'homophobe LOL, since when does somebody have to have "intense hatred or fear of" a behavior to disagree with a person and believe a behavior or relationship is harmful to that individual? Your comment completely justifies his point! Is it really that difficult to comprehend?

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    Tab R

    Apr 23, 2011 - 03:45:17 PM

    I'd agree that taking a stand AGAINST homosexuality is a homophobic position. Not being a homosexual does not automatically make you a homophobe though.

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