Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Lesbians, chivalry, and sex: Your sex and gender morning roundup

March 7, 2011 - 09:00 AM
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Lacking in "chivalry.'

WILLIAM SALETAN attempts to explain lesbians (and anal sex)!

METRO WEEKLY surveys the outrage following Sam Arora's week of flips and flops on Maryland marriage equality: “I don’t think I have ever seen a politician’s Facebook page with not one defender," lesbian activist Hilary Rosen wrote on Arora's Facebook wall. ''Knowing who you are, and being able to authentically share it with the public, is everything in a successful political career, Sam . . . You have lost your credibility before you even cast a vote. I think your career is over. It seems a shame that you've given it up in the name of prejudice. One thing I know for sure is that the movement for equality will recover before your self esteem does.''

AFTER THE JUMP: Scott Brown and the LGBT press; men who speak out against gender-based violence; the coolness of a billion dollars:

HOW MEN can get involved in stopping violence against women, from D.C.-based gender activist Joseph Vess of Men Can Stop Rape: "I realized that as a man speaking out about these issues I could have an even larger impact because there weren’t (and still aren’t) enough men talking about this. And what we always heard from women about how we could contribute was, 'talk with other men.'"

"CHIVALRY" AT GEORGETOWN: A "male suspect tried to pick up another male’s girlfriend. Both parties, including the female, got into a physical altercation," Vox Populi reports, attributing the incident to a lack of "chivalry" on campus. "All parties sustained minor injuries and none wanted to press charges. The suspect was identified and officially barred from campus."

THE WASHINGTON AREA WOMEN'S FOUNDATION's suggestions for improving access to housing for District area women, including: "Enhance awareness of the effect of the current foreclosure crisis on the economic security and stability of female-headed families, and support efforts to assist households that have been negatively affected by the crisis."

SEAN PARKER contests Aaron Sorkin's assertion that a billion dollars is "cool": "It's not cool. I think being a wealthy member of the establishment is the antithesis of cool. Being a countercultural revolutionary is cool. So to the extent that you've made a billion dollars, you've probably become uncool."

WHY won't Scott Brown talk to the LGBT press?

REMEMBERING Tyra Trent, the latest local trans woman to fall victim to violence.


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