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New pregnancy center really, really close to LeRoy Carhart's abortion clinic

March 29, 2011 - 02:50 PM
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Yesterday, local anti-abortion group the Maryland Coalition for Life announced that it would soon open a pro-life pregnancy center directly across from the Germantown clinic where Dr. LeRoy Carhart, a colleague of the late Dr. George Tiller, performs abortions. The target audience for the new operation? "Anybody within the area that’s considering having an abortion," says Mike Martelli, executive director of the coalition.

But specifically, the center hopes to reach those women who are considering having an abortion, immediately, just across the parking lot. The Maryland Coalition for Life has provided this handy illustration of its proximity to Carhart's clinic:

Germantown pregnancy center

 (The Maryland Coalition for life has also published a photograph of the facility's restroom, if you're interested in taking a more intimate tour. It's nice!)

What will be going down across Carhart's parking lot? Martelli insists that the new office is "not a crisis pregnancy center" but "merely a resource and referral center” that will help to “connect women" to two existing crisis pregnancy centers, each located within 15 minutes of Carhart’s clinic. The as-yet-unnamed office, which will open on April 2, will simply provide "choices, information, and referrals at no cost” to women, who will be recruited through local advertising and an out-front sign.

Adds Martelli: "There will be no protesting or picketing or harassment of people, or whatever else you may have heard, at that location. None of that stuff will be done at that center."



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  1. Paisley Paisley

    Paisley Witherford

    Mar 29, 2011 - 03:05:53 PM

    SURE they won't picket. SURE they won't try to confuse women into going into the wrong place. SURE they won't harass the ever-living crap out of anyone who looks like they're going into Dr. Carhart's office. Because why else would it be necessary to rent a space immediately across from his front door? A**holes.

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  2. YesISaidIt YesISaidIt

    Buster Maxwell

    Mar 29, 2011 - 04:40:26 PM

    Great! It's worth it if it saves only one baby.

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