Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Questioning gay marriage, ex-gays, and Charlie Sheen: Your sex and gender morning roundup

March 1, 2011 - 09:15 AM
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JONATHAN CAPEHART questions African-American opposition to gay marriage in Maryland, and trots out three black leaders who have made the case for same-sex marriage:

CHARLIE SHEEN keeps talking, is saying: "I healed really fast."

EX-GAYS congratulate Vince Gray for his tepid embrace of the minority sexual orientation. During the campaign, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays queried Gray: "As a mayoral candidate, does Chairman Gray believe that ex-gays are included as part of the diversity of the District of Columbia community? As mayor, would Gray ensure that the D.C. Office of Human Rights continues to protect ex-gays under the District’s Human Rights Act?" Spokesperson Traci Hughes replied: "Every resident is considered a part of the diverse communities that make up the District of Columbia. Every resident deserves protection under local and federal laws."

RECENT IMPROVEMENTS in the relationship between D.C. LGBT activists and the D.C. police who serve them, as reported by The New Gay's A.M. Bowen:

Some of the long-standing complaints that activists have had with the MPD, even through the Parson era, are now getting addressed. Sgt. Mejia is “auditing” hate crime reporting, to see if the MPD missed any crimes in its original reporting of numbers over the last few years. Through this audit, Sgt. Mejia found out that at least one police district–the Third District, inclusive of Shaw and Petworth in the East, Upper Columbia Heights in the North, Adams Morgan in the West and Logan Circle in the South–didn’t report hate crimes properly. That district is being trained to improve its recording practices. There have also been anecdotal reports that, in instances where sex workers–many of them transgender–are victimized, officers are treating them more humanely. Said Terry, the MPD is “recognizing that a sex worker can be a victim instead of a criminal.”

AND LATER, problems that remain between the two groups.

MICHAEL WAYNE EDWARDS, JR., the man convicted of using a small squirt bottle to expel semen on women in a Gaithersburg Giant and Michaels store, has been sentenced to probation. “It’s a shameful act,” he told the court. “It won’t happen again.”

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: 5 ways to improve mainstream reporting of trans issues; the 6 weirdest gender moments of the Oscars; what trans activists would like to see from the new D.C. Department of Corrections leadership.


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