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Sam Arora totally aroras Maryland gay marriage vote

March 4, 2011 - 03:15 PM
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This afternoon, Maryland's same-sex marriage bill finally made its way out of committee. The measure passed thanks to the elusive "yes" vote of esteemed decider Del. Sam Arora, the committee member with the most unintelligible position on same-sex marriage possible who has held the debate hostage for the past two days with his "thinking" and "praying" over the issue. The legislation will now face a full vote in the House of Delegates, at which point anything could happen. Remember: Sam Arora still has one more chance to change his mind about this!

Before casting his committee vote today, Arora struggled to clarify his bizarre views on same-sex marriage in Maryland: "While I personally believe that Maryland should extend civil rights to same-sex couples through civil unions, I have come to the conclusion that this issue has such impact on the people of Maryland that they should have a direct say," he wrote. "I will vote to send the bill to the floor because it deserves an up-or-down vote. On the floor, I will vote to send the bill to the governor so that Marylanders can ultimately decide this issue at the polls. I think that is appropriate." But after Arora votes for same-sex marriage with the sole intention of encouraging Maryland voters to exercise their right to vote against same-sex marriage through a referendum, how will Arora vote then?

Predictably, Facebook users—users like "Sam Arora Is A Disgrace And A Liar"— are not entirely satisfied with his current position. Gay rights supporters are still flooding Arora's Facebook page with insults and predictions of his career's demise. Arora has accomplished an incredible political feat: He has voted to further the rights of LGBT people in Maryland while simultaneously turning basically all LGBT rights advocates against him. Amazing. I predict that in the future, we will call this degree of political or personal misstep "Aroraing." "So how did the engagement go?" "I totally aroraed it, man. I told her I wasn't sure I wanted to marry her and that I would probably divorce her within a year. Then I popped the question."


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